You do a number of search on Google to find the answer of search term, and you get million of search results but how these results are sorted depends on the algorithm set by Google to give you the correct answer. In this post we’ll take a brief look at How Google Search Works?

Google has a software named spider which manages this whole process.Whenever, You do a search on Google , then the spider becomes active and finds all the web page in the database that contains the search term, After finding all the pages, the spider checks for

  • Whether the search term is appeared in the page title or not
  • How many times the search term is present in the page
  • Whether the search term is in the link of the page or not
  • What is the access time of the page
  • Checks for the spamming

Google spider checks for more than 200 query of the above type and sorts the results on the basis of the number of criteria fulfilled by the page. The page that fulfills most of the criteria gets the best raking.You will shocked to know that all these process are executed within 0.5 seconds.

Sometime, You will see the top search result contains Ad. These are advertisement made by advertisers on the topic you search. For this advertiser pay advertising fee to Google to promote their content.
This was all about How Google Search WorksHope you would have got some idea.

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