You would have seen 2.3 GHz, 2.2 GHz etc while viewing the specifications of products like Smartphones,Tablets,Laptops etc. What does that actually mean , we are going to understand in this article.

Before telling directly about clock speed, I want to let you know that , There is a term called as transistor which acts as a switch . Transistors are placed on the processor chip in a huge number. These switches turn on and off so rapidly while processing of data.

Clock Speed is defined as the number of times a switch turns on and off in one second.Clock speed is also called as clock frequency or clock rate.

GHz, MHz, KHz are the term used to describe the clock speed of processors.Where
1GHz= 1,000,000,000 Hz(1 Billion Hz)
1MHz= 1,000,000 Hz(1 Million Hz)
1KHz= 1,000 Hz
Hz is an abbreviated form of Hertz which is the unit of frequency

1Ghz means that the switches can be turned on and off 1 Billion times in a second, and so on for MHz and Khz. Hence, the more the clock speed of the processor , the faster it will be.

Note: The actual speed of the processor does not only depend on the clock speed, it also depends on many parameters like architecture and many more.

The first computer CPU was operated in KHz and later on , Processors operated in MHz but now we work on 2 GHz, 3 Ghz.

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