1. Blogging

If you like to write blog, then you can create your free website at blogger . There is no hidden charges for creating free blog at blogger. After getting around 6-7k monthly pageviews, you can apply for google adsense. Google adsense gives you revenue(money) by showing ads on your website. your free website will in the form www. yourwebsite .blogspot .com .

To make your free website on blogger, Click Here and create your blog. You can use either html/css to write post or simply you can write without any knowledge about html/css.


2. Youtube:

If you have video content or you make video content , then youtube is the best platform for you. Create a channel on youtube and upload your original content . Later on , you can turn on google adsense to earn the revenue. To turn on adsense on your youtube channel , you channel should have passed these two criteria
1. Gained at least 1000 subscriber in the past 12 months
2. Your channel should have crossed 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months.
So, if your channel passes both the eligibility criteria then you can easily turn on adsense on your youtube channel and start earning money.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing (Image Credit: Dazeinfo)

3. Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing , you sell the products of other shop and get commission.
You can do affiliate marketing in many sites. Among them, the top big companies are Amazon and Flipkart. You can earn upto 10% commission of the product price that you sell. The only thing you need to do is to share the product link on your website, blog, anywhere you want and whenever anyone purchase the product using your link, you get commission.

To register for affiliate marketing , search “amazon affiliate” or “flipkart affiliate” or any other which you want and then do a registration. After that, create product links and share .
You can also create a free blog as mentioned at the top, and share the product link.

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