Creating a website is absolutely free. There is no hidden charges. But in free service, the name of your website will also contain the name of provider. For example , If you create a website on blogger, then your website address would look like www. your_website. blogspot. com and similarly , in wordpress , ( would be added at the end. To remove these, you will have to purchase domain.

Here are some of the well known free website provider

Among these, WordPress and Blogger are two most used to create free website. Let us now see the advantages and disadvantages of having free websites

Totally free for lifetimeLess customization in free plan
Easy maintenanceNo advance SEO
Google adsense can be activated on blogger, wix, weebly and you can earn revenue by showing ads on your site.Less number of themes
Ads of the website provider will be shown on every page. For example in wordpress you will see “Create Your Free website at wordpress” .

If you want to make website for fun or just to learn then you should go with free plan, but if you want to create website for some genuine purpose like writing blogs, selling products, marketing etc. then you must go with paid plan.

If you want to go with paid plan, then WordPress is a good choice . WordPress gives you domain+hosting at affordable price and wordpress has huge number of themes + wordpress website can be easily customized.

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