Most of the people get confused in choosing between wordpress and blogger. In this article we are going to see the difference between blogger and wordpress so that it would become so easy to select on of them.



As the name is telling, Blogger can only be used to create blog. Blogger is run by Google, and all the data of your blog are uploaded on Google server. In Blogger, your blog address would contain at the end.


  • Blogger is absolutely free to use.
  • Blogs can be easily created on blogger.
  • Managing the blog is very easy on blogger.
  • Faster accessing to blog posts.


  • Supports very less and basic customization.
  • Less number of themes are on blogger.
  • Only blog can be created on blogger platform, other website like shopping, product selling etc. can not be created with blogger
  • No plugin support available on blogger. Plugins are used to add special features. Like Adding contact form, Advanced SEO etc.



WordPress is one of the best option for creating website. On wordpress, you can create almost every type of website. In this article we will talk about wordpress paid plan. You would be shocked to know that around 37% website among all website uses wordpress.


  • WordPress is fully content management system(CMS) which allows user to customize their site using too many features.
  • WordPress has a large number of themes.
  • All types of website can be made on wordpress.
  • Large number of plugins are supported by wordpress.


  • Due to presence of huge numbers of plugins and themes made by different different people, there might be some bug hence site can be vulnerable.Hence, the security issue is there with wordpress
  • Website might become slow by using several plugins
  • Sometime updating the wordpress software causes loss of data, hence it is advised you to back up your data before updating wordpress.

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