On October 15, Google launched Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL at an event in New York. Both the smartphone are based on project soli which uses radar sensor for the motion sense.Motion sensor is used to add special features in smartphone such as air gesture and for face unlock. For example, Your phone will automatically unlock when you pick up the phone using face unlock and motion sensor and also, motion sensor allows you to perform air gesture such as wave your hands at the phone to change the content in the smartphone.

Google confirmed that it would not launch pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL in india. In a statement, A google spokesperson said “Google has a wide range of products that we make available in different regions around the world. We determine availability based on a variety of factors, including local trends and product features.”

Soli radar chip works on 60GHz frequency spectrum.
Some of the experts believes that, In India 60GHz spectrum is not available for commercial use and that’s why Google pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL are not launching in india.

Google pixel 4 starts from $799 (roughly ₹57,000) and Pixel 4 XL starts from $899 (roughly ₹64,000) .

Click Here to read full specifications of Google Pixel 4 XL

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