static website and dynamic website
Difference between static website and dynamic website

Before knowing the difference between static and dynamic website , you should know what is a website.

what is a website?

Website is a group of interlinked and well-structured web pages having a single domain name.
Here interlinking means that, pages contains hyperlinks which can refer to other web pages on that site and thus interlinking is there among web pages.
Well-Structured means that website contains web pages in a systematic order. For example, on this website ( you can see that menus are there which refers to a specific category and thus called as systematic.
You might be thinking what is a webpage.

what is a web page?

A webpage is a single document written using HyperText Markup Language like HTML .A webpage generally contains text, images, files, links etc.
Now, We are ready to understand Static website and Dynamic Website.

static website

A website that contains static web pages is called as static website.
Static Web Page: A web page which is displayed exactly the same whenever when it is accessed. For example, Blogging Website are mostly static. URL of static website contains .html at the end. Like

dynamic website

Website that contains dynamic web pages are called dynamic website.
Dynamic Web Page: A web page that is written using server side scripting language such as PHP, ASP etc. are called as dynamic web page. Dynamic web pages interacts with database on the server. Example:, facebook etc. whenever you enter different details, data will be accessed from database and will show you a different web page.

Let’s have a quick look on the comparison table between Static and Dynamic Website

Static WebsiteDynamic Website
1. Static website are
created using HTML , CSS
Dynamic website are created using scripting languages like PHP, ASP etc.
2. Database is not usedDatabase is used to access the content
3. Content is same every time
it is accessed
Content is different by providing different parameter(details).

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