Blogger is a blogging service owned by Google . You can create free website on blogger to publish your content on internet. Every website which is made using blogger has a sub-domain .

Before proceeding directly to create a website on Blogger . Let’s have a look at the main advantage of Blogger.

advantages of blogger

  1. Blogger is owned by Google, and is very much secure.
  2. Creating a website is made so easy.
  3. Writing and publishing post is not complicated.
  4. You can apply for Google Adsense and make money with your free blog.
  5. Blogger is completely free.
  6. User Interface is very simple.
  7. You can write blogs without knowing HTML, CSS , etc.

steps to create website on blogger

  1. Click Here or go to

2. Click on “CREATE YOUR BLOG” and then sign-in your Google account.

create a blog on blogger
Blogger – Creating Website

3. Enter Title of your blog and address and click on Create blog! .
4. Congratulations! You have created your website.

Now, Go to Theme option and choose the best theme that fits for your blog.You can also customize the theme using Layout option.

After getting some traffic to your website, you can apply for Google Adsense by clicking on the Earnings option and earn from your blog.

On WordPress you can also create free websites. Click Here to know the Difference between WordPress and Blogger.

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