At the CES 2020 event, OnePlus revealed a new feature that can make the the camera disappearing using the Electrochromic glass setup above the camera .

The glass remains opaque when camera is turned is off and whenever the camera is turned on , it becomes transparent . The glass is 0.35mm thick and can switch from opaque to transparent in 0.7 second. This is very impressive because no other electrochromic lens are as fast as OnePlus lens is.

OnePlus disappearing Camera
When Camera is turned ON
Oneplus disappearing camera image
When Camera is turned OFF

Entire OnePlus event was to show off the unique concept and currently no OnePlus phone is ready to be shipped with this feature. This concept was tested on Oneplus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition. Leather is used on the back side with papaya orange color inspired by McLaren.

The cameras are not exactly 100% disappearing , if you see the phone at different angle you would find the dark camera holes .

OnePlus says that it was inspired by electrochromic roof of McLaren 720S car, and for this concept OnePlus is partnering with McLaren.

Apart from opaque and transparent , there is one more special feature in camera which is ND8 which means that it can cut eight stops of light from entering from lens . This feature can be used for long exposure , wide aperture etc .

Since the concept is new and interesting as well , it requires testing of specs and other things . we might see a phone with this unique feature soon.

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