There are a large number of messaging apps out there in the market, but Telegram and Whatsapp are the two most famous messaging apps because of their simplicity , features and security.

Telegram has over 200 million monthly active users and on the other hand whatsapp has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users , such a huge difference.

Let us now find out which one is better telegram or whatsapp.


Whatsapp Logo

Security is the most important aspect of any application. Every user of the application wants their data to be very secured that nobody can access their private data . For the security, Whatsapp has end-to-end encryption in every chat by default. It means that only the sender and the receiver will be able to see the message , even whatsapp can’t see the message .

User interface:

Whatsapp has a very simple user interface which makes it very simple to use . From sending messages to setting status everything is so simple that every people can use the app easily.


There are so many limits in whatsapp . Whatsapp video limit is 16mb , it means that you can not send a video larger than 16mb. Also, you can send only 30 images in one go. Whatsapp stores media in google drive because whatsapp is not cloud based. You can send maximum 100mb in case of documents.

  1. Status: Whatsapp a feature called as status where user can set status through text or images which appears for 24-hours and then it does automatically disappears.
  2. Chat Background: You can change the default background of your chat . To change that, open chat and click on three dots present on the top right corner . Then click on wallpaper and select wallpaper of your choice.
  3. Delete for everyone: Sometime it happens that messages are sent to wrong person , then you can immediately delete the message by selecting “delete for everyone” option after clicking the delete icon, then the message would be deleted from the device where you have sent.


telegram logo

Unlike whatsapp, by default there is no end-to-end encryption in telegram chat. Telegram chats are stored on cloud storage and security is there with the cloud message.Telegram is based on MTProto Protocol . Telegram has features like secret chat and self destructing message which adds so much security to telegram. These features are explained below in FEATURES section.

User interface:

Telegram has somewhat dynamic UI as compared to whatsapp . Telegram is also easy to use and can be used to share images, videos, files , location etc.


Unlike whatsapp, storage facility on telegram is excellent. You can send any type of file upto 1.5GB which is so huge as compared to whatsapp. Also, telegram stores your data on cloud and the data storage limit is unlimited.

  1. Secret Chat: This is a very special feature in telegram. In secret chat mode, the messages are stored to device which is currently in use, not on the server. If you log in your telegram account on other device then you will not be able to see any message of secret chat. Also, if you delete the message from one side then the message will also be deleted on other side . Secret chat feature is end-to-end encrypted.
  2. Dark Mode: Dark mode option is introduced in telegram to provide better readability.
  3. Self Destructing messages: Using this feature, you can send message to other user which will be expired after a fixed time .
  4. Themes: There are a large collection of themes available for telegram. To access them search “Android Themes Channel” on android device and for desktop search “Desktop Themes Channel” .
  5. Groups: You can create a private group or public group. Private group can have maximum 200,000 users and public group can have unlimited users. Anyone can join the public groups by searching group name in the search bar.
  6. Bot: Telegram bots is like an automatic user which connects to users using text messages or buttons .

Based on the above discussion , we can conclude that telegram has great features, highly secure and file size limit is also large 1.5GB ,On the other hand whatsapp has got a simple UI which is easy to use and secure also. So, we can say that telegram is better than whatsapp.

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