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There is no way to increase ram in any android device . Ram is a chip inserted at the time of manufacturing a smartphone. So, to increase ram in any phone you will have to change the ram chip.

Replacing a ram chip is not easy, because RAM, CPU and GPU are stored on a single chip . Every chip is device specific and therefore finding a chip with higher ram and supported cpu and gpu is very difficult and takes a lot of money.

There is an alternate way to increase ram in android by creating partition on your device. The process and all details is explained below.

what is roehsoft ram expander?how to use it?
Roehsoft Ram Expander Logo
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Roehsoft Ram Expander is an android app which is used to increase the ram in smartphone by making partition of memory . This app creates partition of free storage available in phone. Your phones should be rooted in order to use this app.

You can use the app MemoryInfo & SwapCheck to check whether your phone is suitable for expanding ram using the app and to check how much partition size can be created.

MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check App
process to use roehsoft ram expander

1. Root your phone if not rooted
2. Download Roehsoft ram expander app by searching on google, app is not available on google play store
3. Set the partition values or click on optimal values if your don’t know anything about partition
4. Check that Autorun option is enabled, if not enabled then enable it
5. When you are done with all above process, then click SwapActiv option.
6. Process is complete, you are ready to use your phone with more ram

The partition created by roehsoft ram expander is not that fast as ram is . However, it can help your phone to run the apps with better performance.

Note that if you check the ram information by going into settings options then you will not see any increase in ram , because physical ram can not be increased .

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