According to a recent tweet by @OnePlus_UK , OnePlus next upcoming smartphone will have 120Hz refresh rate. OnePlus also says that “It’s not just 120Hz smartphone display; it’s the best 120Hz smartphone display.” It means that the upcoming OnePlus smartphone will have the best 120Hz smartphone display.

Here’s the tweet that confirmed these details.

That’s not all, OnePlus also tells that the new display register touches from your fingers at 240Hz i.e 240 times per second. Also, AMOLED screen will be used with peak brightness of 1,000+ nits.

Videos will be in 24fps, 30fps and 60fps . New OnePlus screen uses algorithm to insert additional frames which improves the smoothness of video. A hardware named as MEMC is used to achieve this feature, OnePlus calls this hardware as Supernatural Smoothness Chip.

One more thing about colors, OnePlus confirms that upcoming smartphone will have 1 billion different colors.

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