what is rooting?

Rooting is a process which allows user to control android subsystem. Rooting a device gives the user to modify system application , that require system level permission. For example, you can not delete google app if your device is not rooted and after rooting you can delete google app, or any other system level applications.

Rooting is mostly used to install custom rom in android device. Custom rom is an unofficial rom where you can customize the room which are not allowed in official rom.

how to root any android device?

Method 1

I will guide to root your android phone using Kingo Root application.
1. Click Here to download Kingo root app for your android phone.
2. Install kingo root application
3. Open Kingo root application
4. Click on “One Click Root” , now rooting will start on your android phone
5. Finally, you will see Root Succeeded
If the rooting process fails, repeat the above process again or you can use Method 2

Method 2

This method will use oneclickroot application to root your android phone or tablet. To use this method you need a pc, usb cable and android phone.
1. Click Here to check whether your device can be rooted or not
2. If your device is compatible, then proceed with further steps
3. Click Here to download oneclickroot for your pc, Install oneclickroot application
4. Enable USB Debugging in your android phone(Using Developer Settings)
5. Connect your android phone with pc using usb cable
6. Open oneclickroot in pc and click on Root Now
Wait until the process gets finished.
If the root is successful then you will find an app named as Supersu in your android phone.
Congratulations! Your android device is now rooted.

does rooting void smartphone warranty?

This is most common question to all users who are willing to root their android phone. The answer to this question is yes and no both. You might be confused with the answer but the detailed explanation is given below.
Some device manufacturers like samsung and poco allows their user unlock bootloader using root method. While most device manufacturers does not want their user to alter the system setting or unlock bootloader by root so they void the warranty of the smartphone, because sometimes rooting causes problem in softwares and companies do not like this.
One more thing to note here that, you will have to unroot your phone if you are taking your phone to service centre. By unrooting, the rooting details from the phone gets deleted and warranty does not void.

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