In previous post of Samsung Galaxy S20+ , we had seen some leaked photos of samsung galaxy S20+ now the details of cameras are leaked .

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Samsung Galaxy S20+ has 4 camera at rear side and one camera at front side. Main camera is of 12mp and the sensor used in main camera is Sony IMX 555. Secondary camera is of 64mp which has Samsung ISOCell S5KGW2 camera sensor. Tertiary camera uses Samsung ISOCell S5K2LA camera sensor, however megapixel count for tertiary camera is unknown. For Quaternary camera, details are unknown.
Front camera is of 10MP and uses Sony IMX 374 sensor.

Camera Details

main camera

Megapixel Count: 12MP
Pixel Size: 1.8μm
Camera Sensor: Sony IMX 555

secondary camera

Megapixel Count: 64MP
Camera Sensor: Samsung ISOCell S5KGW2

tertiary camera

Camera Sensor: Samsung ISOCell S5K2LA

quaternary camera

Details are unknown

front camera

Megapixel Count: 10MP
Pixel Size: 1.8μm
Camera Sensor: Sony IMX 374
Supports 4K 60fps video recording

According to leaked details by xda, telephoto lens on Galaxy S20 and S20+ have 3X zoom with a total of 30X zoom.

samsung galaxy s20 camera.
Camera Sensor Details

Video recording

As expected, Samsung Galaxy S20+ supports 8K video recording at 30fps with rear camera. 4K video recording is supported for both front and rear camera at 60fps. Check the below image .

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