Finally Microsoft has now released beta version of new Microsoft Edge browser which is based on chromium. Microsoft has made a big change in the User Interface and speed of edge browser.

New Microsoft Edge Logo
Microsoft Edge New Logo
download beta version of microsoft edge

Click Here to go directly on downloading page or you can search “Microsoft Edge Beta Download” on search engine to download beta version of microsoft edge.

Updates of new microsoft edge browser


The logo has been completely changed. The new logo is shown in above image.

browser homepage

The browser now contains a search bar at the middle like Google Chrome. Now, you can set the homepage in 4 different styles.
1. Focused: In this mode, homepage background is a color and you will see microsoft logo above the middle search bar. Also, you will not see any news but you get an option at the bottom to see news and more .
microsoft edge homepage1
2. Inspirational: In this mode, search bar moves slightly up and the new edge icon is placed between search bar and website index. Also, background is an image. Shown in below image.
microsoft edge homepage2
3. Informational: In this mode, news section is introduced.

4. Custom: You can customize the layout of homepage according to your choice.

  1. Extensions: You can now install extensions from third party store. You will see extension option in the menu .
  2. Dark Mode: Edge browser now supports Dark theme also. To enable this, open menu -> Go to settings -> Go to appearance -> Theme
  3. Speed: The updated edge browser is more fast as compared to the previous one.

Microsoft Edge added lots of security to this update, Now you can see if the site is secure or not also you can get information about trackers on website you are visiting. To know all this click the lock symbol placed left of the url(website address).
By default, Balanced tracking prevention is turned on, if you want more security then go to settings-> go to privacy and services -> select the strict mode

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