zomato bought uber eats

Zomato a food delivery company has bought uber eats business in india for around $350 million (2485 crore) . Uber eats is also a food delivery service which was run by uber. From now, uber eats is merged to zomato.

If you open uber eats app, then you will see the image as shown below. You can no longer place a food order using uber eats app. You will have to use zomato or any other food delivery company to place an order.

uber eats acquired by zomato
how to use remaining uber credits?

Many of the people might have some remaining balance(uber credits) in uber eats account and now they might think what will happen with the remaining credits, will they be converted to zomato credits, etc.

Answers for all the questions is, credits will remain there in your uber account. You can use the uber credits on uber app for booking rides. Zomato has bought only uber eats not the whole uber company, therefore uber app will remain as it was before.

swiggy vs zomato

Before this deal swiggy , zomato and uber eats were three largest food delivery companies in india. But after zomato bought uber eats, only zomato and swiggy are two of the largest food delivery companies, and hence the competition between these two is tough.

Zomato has more number of customers as compared to swiggy. On Google Play Store, swiggy is downloaded over 50 million on the other hand zomato has been downloaded more than 100 million .

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